1. What members’ data does AGIWA hold?

1.1. AGIWA holds the following data which are obligatory for membership:
Surname – First name – Postal address – Nationality – Telephone number

1.2. AGIWA may hold the following data which are optional for members:
Date of birth – Email address – Bank account name and IBAN – Occupation

2. Why are these data needed?

2.1. The personal data listed under 1.1. are needed to register you as a member of AGIWA. Your nationality is necessary for maintaining AGIWA’s ratio of German to non-German members as stipulated in the regulations. A postal address is required so that AGIWA can send by post your membership documents, including the Directory of Members, an invitation and documents relating to the Annual General Meeting, and the regular newsletters if you wish to receive these in hard copy. Your telephone number is required so that AGIWA may contact you regarding issues pertaining to your membership, and so that fellow members may contact you.

2.2. The personal data listed under 1.2. are for servicing your membership. Your IBAN is for payment of the annual membership subscription by direct debit. Your email address is for sending you the regular newsletters, if you wish to receive them by email, and other information directly relating to AGIWA events and activities, either individually or in circular emails. Your email address also enables fellow members to make contact with you.

3. Who has access to these data?

3.1. The data on your application form, i.e. your full name, postal address, nationality, telephone number and,  if given, your email address, occupation and date of birth, are known to the Chairwoman, Vice-Chairwoman, Membership Secretary and Treasurer of AGIWA.

3.2. Your bank account name and IBAN are known solely to the Treasurer.

3.3. Your name, postal address, telephone number and, if given, your email address are printed in the AGIWA Directory of Members which is published annually and sent by post to every member. As AGIWA is a primarily a social club, the Directory is necessary so that members can communicate with each other. All members are advised in writing to keep their Directory safe at all times, to prevent it from falling into the hands of third parties and to destroy the old Directory on receipt of the current one.

3.4. A list of the email addresses of AGIWA members is kept by one member of the Committee solely for the purpose of sending out circular emails.

3.5. The AGIWA newsletter is sent by postal mail or email to members and persons applying to join AGIWA. Personal information and photos of members which are printed in the newsletter are included only with the consent of the member concerned. The AGIWA board takes every possible step to ensure that that active consent is given by persons mentioned or appearing in the newsletter.

4. How safe are AGIWA members’ data? The safety of members’ data has absolute priority for AGIWA and the greatest possible care is taken to protect your data from misuse.

4.1. The Membership Secretary and the Treasurer save members’ data in separate AGIWA files which are accessible by passwords that are known to them only.

4.2. AGIWA does not pass on any data of members to any third parties whatsoever.

4.3. AGIWA sends circular emails to members on its email list to inform them about official AGIWA events and other events which it feels would be of interest to members.

4.4. Emails that are sent to members on the email list are sent “blind”, meaning that recipients of the same email cannot read each other’s email addresses.

4.5. AGIWA does not forward emails which automatically link the recipient to third parties.

4.6. AGIWA does not use members’ data for marketing purposes or allow members’ data to be used by other parties for marketing purposes.

5. How long will my data be kept by AGIWA?

Your data will be saved in the AGIWA files held by the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer until you decide to terminate your membership. Normally this occurs to the 31st August following the date of your resignation. After 31st August your data will be removed from AGIWA files within one week. Should you wish your data to be removed earlier than the 31st August following your resignation, you may give the Treasurer notice in writing by post or email. Your data will be deleted within one week after confirmation of your request.

6. What if I wish to withdraw my consent for use of my data during my membership?

During your membership you have the following rights at any time.

6.1. You may opt out of inclusion in the AGIWA email list for individual or circular emails.

6.2. You may refuse permission for your name to be mentioned in the newsletter or on the website.

6.3. You may refuse permission for your photo to appear in the newsletter or on the website.

6.4. You may refuse permission for your data to be printed in the Directory.

6.5. You may withdraw your consent for the Treasurer to store your bank data.

6.6. You may opt out of receiving the newsletter.

In any of the above cases or in any other cases relating to use of your data by AGIWA, you should contact the Chairwoman or the Membership Secretary in writing by post or by email. Your withdrawal of consent will come into effect within one week after confirmation of your request.

7. Disclaimer

AGIWA takes all possible steps to secure its members’ data. AGIWA cannot be held responsible for any misuse of members’ data obtained by third parties by illegal means.

Hamburg, 12th March, 2019