Like us, you’re probably a busy woman. Maybe you work, maybe you’re retired – but you’ve got plenty going on in your life. What yhou don’t need is one more commitment on your time. AGIWA isn’t like that: wit us you choose what activities you want to do and when you do it. And there is a lot to choose from!

Regular Activities

A great way to make friends is to join in one of our regular activities, held in private homes or centrally located hotels, where we come together in small groups to pursue a common interest. Newcomers are always welcome.

Special Events

Our special events are one-off occasions. Art and music are high on our agenda, as well as events like lectures and guided walks. For something more relaxed, why not join us for coffee or dinner in town?

And lots more...

Seasonal Highlights

And we have traditional seasonal highlights in our calendar that even include an annual holiday trip. Throughout the year, our members, partners and guests can mix and enjoy each other’s company in a variety of stimulating locations.


Festive Christmas Lunch

recently held at the elegant Übersee-Club


Autumn Barbecue

often held at the Aspria Club


Spring Outing

to a place of interest outside Hamburg


Summer Lunch

on the terrace of a lovely restaurant


Annual Holiday

We’ve been to St Petersburg, India, Rome, Cornwall, Estonia, Latvia …


We'd love to have you join us!